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The GL-27.5 (Grenade Launcher 27.5mm) is a Greande Launcher used in Modern Combat, created by Perficientur. is assigned to Infantry
  • GL-27.5 (Rail System)
  • GL-27.5
  • GL-27.5 (Scoped)
Troops in Modern Wars. The USA originally produced these to fire 27.5mm smoke grenades, and eventually came to making 27.5mm High Explosive Impact grenades that fired from the GL-27.5.


The original design for the GL-27.5 came from the Milkor MGL Grenade Launcher, a six round, rotating mechanisim firing 40x46mm grenades. The user can adjust the detonating distance by up to 3m ; the  GL-27.5 automatically transmits the detonating distance to the grenade in the firing chamber, using air to fire the grenade. The rotating mechanisim is operated by springs after the trigger is pulled, rotating so the loaded chamber circles into place. The top rail system can be exchanged for a scope, or regular iron sights.

History of useEdit

The GL-27.5 was first issued to a US Marine in 2009. At the begining, there was only one Gl-27.5, issued to see if the weapon was suitable for combat. The Marine proved that the GL-27.5 was useful for driving out enemy units using toxic gas grenades. The GL-27.5 became fully operational in US units in 2010. Nowdays it is used in the Afghanistan wars, and in the Top-Secrect missions. The units that are assigned a GL-27.5's have a wide variety of grenades to be used in the GL, including Toxic gas grenades, High explosive, Smoke grenades and Incendiary.