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The PAR-4 (Perficientur Assault Rifle MK-IV) is an Assault Rifle, made by Perficientur. It is used by US Soliders, from the year 2009 to the present day. It is a burst-fire weapon at default, firing 3 rounds in the span of a second. It has a 30 round magazine.

Making of the PAR-4Edit

The PAR-4 was originally designed for US Soldiers to use in covert operations, as was such a success that after the original Covert Operations weapon was produced, they removed the tactical scope, laser sight and scilencer, and found it was a great sucess. The PAR-4 nowadays is used by US Soliders in wars across Earth, and even a compacted version by Fighter Pilots.

Using the PAR-4Edit

To fire the PAR-4, one would line up the iron sights to the desired postion and pull the trigger. To re-load the PAR-4, the user would press the trigger release and manually take out the magazine. To load a new magazine, the user must manually put the new, loaded magazine into the loading chamber, and, if empty, cock the firearm. The user may also choose to fire semi-automaticly or in burst-fire.