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The Strom-bolzen

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The Strom-bolzen is a powerful weapon, produced by Tecna Industires. It fires a bolt or energy, that links to other beings in the general area of the hit target. The energy caused death on impact, causing the heart to stop, and bones to fracture and crack. Tecna Industries have only produced two of these Strom-bolznes and have no intention to sell or produce these to the public.

Production and firing mechanisms of the Strom-bolzenEdit

The Strom-bolzen was in production for many years and the idea for it even longer. After an argument in the Tecna Council, the producers chose only two, skilled, people that made their weapons, and set them to work. They used a base of a Cusick Baraton Blunderbuss, stripped it bare, and began the technicalities of Tesla Weaponry. They added a very small generator, and decided that they wanted to try something new. They went back to the base of the blunderbuss, and began the real production. The makers conducted tests with chemicals, finding a way to force energy into a liquid. They called this mixture MXI, or Mixture I. The Strom-bolzen held three vials of MXI, using it as a source of ammunition. The internal mechanisms sucked out the liquid, send it through tubes, and into the Firing Rod. This rod, made of copper, a conductive metal, had a small electric charge inside it. The MXI ignited on this small charge, and  another charge pushed the energy forward at a high speed, forcing it out the front out the rod, as a bolt of energy. The energy still had traces of MXI inside it, and one of the liquids uses a magnetic type of energy, finding its way to the next target. This all happens in less than a second. 

History of the Strom-bolzenEdit

The Strom-bolzen was produced to be a superweapon, to strike fear into the minds of the men and women facing it. The Strom-bolzen was produced much like the reason The Leviathan was made, except on a much smaller scale. Tecna Industries wanted a weapon that was only one, except they were so happy with the success of the Strom-bolzen, that they made another one. The two Strom-bolzens are heavily guarded by heavy guards in the Tecna Industries Headquarters, and is almost impossible to obtain without the passcode and the handprint of the CEO. A dumbed down Strom-bolzen was to be manufactured for the Rusilian military.