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-The normal Desert Eagle just doesn't cut it. So I added some adjustments to the weapon to make it more......say, reliable and powerful. It stings. Just the way I like it.-

                                                   -The Creator

The Wasp .50
The Wasp
The Wasp
Some attributes
First Powerful impact
Second Flammable rounds
Third Cushioned grip
Other attributes
Fourth Added weight to under-barrel to reduce recoil
Fifth Laser sight
Sixth Carbon fiber construction

The Wasp .50 is a modified .50 Desert Eagle used in modern combat. It is a one of a kind, custom by the owner.  It took many hours to modify and many years to perfect.

 About the WaspEdit

The Wasp .50 is a one-of-a-kind, custom-modified .50 Desert Eagle. The Creator was driven into a crazy bloodlust to kill each one of the terrorists that killed his wife and her parents on their holiday to Bali. He added all the things he needed to make it the powerful weapon he wanted. The Carbon Fiber was made to the exact shape needed to fit the weapon.

Addons to the weaponEdit

Lightweight Handgrip- The Wasp is designed to be lightweight, so the creator used as much carbon fibre as he could, reducing the weight greatly.

Underbarell Weight- The recoil for the standard Desert Eagle was too much to handle, so he added a small amount of weight to the underbarell, making it easier to resist the massive recoil of the weapon. He knew that he was trying to decrease the weight, but it was the price to pay.

Extended Magazine- The normal magazine size was a 7-round magazine, so the creator extended the magazine size by 3 rounds, making it a 10-round magazine.

Modified Rounds- The creator wanted not only the weapon, but the ammunition he used. He modified the rounds so that on impact, it not only delivers a devastating shot, but creates a small fiery explosion.

Level- For maximum accuracy, the weapon needs to be level. So the creator added a small bubble-level to monitor the steadiness of the weapon.

Laser Sight- There is a laser sight on the underbarrell- like the underbarrell weight- to improve accuracy when hip firing. It also adds to the weight to help manage the recoil.

Others- He has oiled all the parts for a smoother working gun, and has custom made the trigger to suit his right-hand index finger, making it easier to shoot it; but only for him.


-I got stung by this Wasp once. That really fucked up my day. In fact, it really fucked up the rest of my life.-                                                                                                            -Leo Vadraes; Creator's relative   

  -You know, this weapon took the man who made it away from me. He was lost, bloodlust taking him, driving him to make the perfect killing machine.-                                                                                                                              -Creator's mother