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A VDKM100-CM Sniper

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The VDKM100-CM Sniper Rifle is a high-powered, .50 caliber, Sniper Rifle used in modern combat. It has a 10-round magazine and can have multiple attachments added to it, for the rail system on the sides and top of the barrel.

Combat PurposesEdit

The VDK100-CM was designed for long-ranged, silent combat. Assassins use it for their targets, because of it's long life and strong impact. The VDK is a weapon produced in the USA. It is produced by the company Perficientur. This producer was founded in 1996, and the VDK was one of the latest weapons they produced.

Using the VDK100-CMEdit

To fire the VDK, the user must load a magazine, load a round into the chamber, and pull the trigger. The user can also fold down the bipod, to increase stability. The user must also push the stock into their shoulder, to make sure the recoil was compensated for. The scope had an illuminated crosshair, to make it easier to aim a shot. The user may also choose to remove the flash-suppresser.