The first one was made in 2394, but the first commercailly available ones where in 2419. Production stopped on June 1st 2512, though many private indivuals still collect them. 
Vector gun

Mk2 gun.



A Vector Gun fires a particle beam that on hitting a target destroeys it. A prticle generator is set in the main part of the gun, this generates the power too shoot the gun. A small Eridifier is located in the main barrel, this allows the the beam to be shot with some acuracy. The trigger mechanism is that once the trigger is pulled a tiny explosion happens in the main part of the gun. This opens the particle generator, and the beam is shot down the barrel. MK.1 had a powerful sniper-scope which allowed for the gun too be used as a sniper. MK.2 had no scope at all, though this was not well recieved. MK.3 was fitted with a laser scope making it the most acurate to date. 


Despite much praise from the goverment, Vector Guns have been widely critisized, and not only by the peace movment and the anti-gun orgainization, but by numerous gun collectors and policemen. In 2452 Robert J. Redlej produced a theory that the Vector Gun's generator caused climate change. While still far from the truth, IW's scientests where made to investigate. In 2478 the Councilor of Rondem (Where Vector Guns where made) ordered IW too stop production. While IW contuined too make them it signanaled the end of the Vector Gun, and the theorized MK.5 was never produced.



"Probably the most dangerous civilain weapon ever"

-Edward Snern, Director of Weapons in Clarn University.

"Wow! That must have hurt!"

-An observer of police massacres in 2469.


The pictures is from a M16 assualt rifle.

This gun is based on the VL34 blaster.

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